• When you become a Christian you discover that part of you wants to walk “in new­ness of life” (Ro 6:4), while another part wants to walk “after the flesh” (Ro 8:5).  And you would, if it weren’t for God’s Spirit who lives in your divided house and “groans” when…

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  • Do You Really Want God’s Blessing?

    Do You Really Want God’s Blessing?

    Some of your toughest battles in life will be with God. That’s because there’s a “Jacob nature” in each of us that resists the will of God, and it has to be dealt with. The same God who asked Jacob, “What is your name?” will ask you to identify yourself too. And…

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  • Have You Discovered Your Life’s Purpose?

    Have You Discovered Your Life’s Purpose?

    If you want things to work out right for you in life, you need to discover your God­ordained purpose and give yourself fully to it. The Bible says, “All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose”…

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  • You’ll Be Rewarded

    You’ll Be Rewarded

    It’s easy to forget that this world isn’t your home, that you’re going to spend eternity with Christ in a home specially prepared for you, and when you get to heaven you’ll be rewarded for how well you fulfilled your God-given assignment here on earth. The Bible…

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