• It’s The “Weight” That Keeps You Going

    It’s The “Weight” That Keeps You Going

    A man who inherited an antique grandfather clock with a brass pendulum watched as it pushed the big heavy weight back and forth. “What a burden for a 100-yearold clock to bear,” he thought. So one day he opened the glass case and unhooked the pendulum. “Why did…

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  • Don’t Personalize Rejection

    Don’t Personalize Rejection

    Always try to be open to constructive criticism, but don’t personalize rejection. Don’t allow your opinion of yourself to be colored by the opinion of those who fail to see your best qualities and potential. Successful people all have one thing in common: they…

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  • Success On God’s Terms

    Success On God’s Terms

    Two men were talking, and one said, ‘Do you know the secret of success?” The other replied, ‘No, what is it?” The first man said, “I can’t tell you.” His friend asked, “Why?” The first guy said, ‘Because it’s a secret!” Success, as God defines it,…

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    Seventh, try to see the problem from different angles. Paul talks about “the manifold wisdom of God.” To understand the word “manifold,” think of a diamond. Each time you turn it, the light exposes a different facet of its beauty. God’s wisdom contained in the…

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