Dr. Traci Petteway -

Dr. Traci Petteway is a phenomenal motivational speaker. She has been the featured keynote speaker on many occasions such as: National Conferences, Universities, Community College Districts, Public School Districts, Churches, Workshops, and seminars!  

Dr. Traci Petteway specializes in working with individuals, families, and couples in the area of relationship enhancement and early childhood trauma resolution. She coaches her clients in strengthening their relationship with God, improving communication skills, conflict-management skills and developing the ability to express their feelings in healthier ways.   

Dr. Traci Petteway coaches couples in developing the skills necessary to create safe, loving, and secure bonds. She is skilled at helping her clients understand how their early childhood environment has an influence on their current behavior, perceptions, morals, and values. She also emphasizes the importance of taking ownership of actions and understanding the consequences that may follow.  

 Dr. Traci Pettewayis known for her love for the Lord as well as her motivating and encouraging spirit.

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